How do I include new pages in Launch My Store?

How do I include new pages in Launch My Store?

The Pages functionality in Launch My Store enables you to effortlessly incorporate new and multiple pages into your online store, catering to diverse needs for engaging your audience successfully.

What is the rationale behind adding pages?

The addition of pages serves an essential function by offering customers more than mere product details. For example:

  1. Brand Narrative:

    Our Journey Connect with your audience by sharing the journey, values, vision, mission, and more of your brand. This not only adds character to your business but also fosters deeper connections with customers.

  2. Product Launch: Spark Customer Excitement

    Generate hype and anticipation by incorporating a dedicated page for recently introduced products or upcoming launches. This offers customers a sneak preview and keeps them eagerly awaiting your latest offerings.

Creating a New Page: Easy Steps

  1. Navigate to "Appearance" and select "Pages."

  2. Click on the "Add new page" button to begin.

3. Customize Your Content: Tailor Your Page Details

Crafting Compelling Page Titles: A Guide for Effective Brand Communication

Under "Page Content," enhance the page with captivating information and eye-catching images that resonate with your audience.

4. Enhance Visibility: Optimize for SEO

  • Enhance your page's search engine visibility with Launch My Store SEO.

  • Craft or generate a title tag, meta description tag, and a social sharing image to optimize engagement.

5. Choose between publishing or saving as a draft: it's up to you.

  • To activate your page on the store's home page, click "Publish Page".

  • Alternatively, if you wish to save it for later, utilize the "Save as draft" button.

6. Effortlessly handle your pages.

  • You can access and manage all your published and draft pages within the "Pages" tab.

  • To make edits, simply click on the page name to enter the page editor, make your desired changes, and then click "Publish Page" to save your updates.

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