How to utilize the Customers feature?

How to utilize the Customers feature?

Customers section

The Customers feature provides a comprehensive overview of all customers who have made purchases on your online store to date. This feature simplifies the process of identifying your most loyal and repeat customers, essentially forming your audience. From here, you can easily reward them with discount coupons or other benefits of your choice to encourage continued patronage.

To access the list of all your customers, navigate to the Audience section. Here, you'll find a screen displaying the names of your customers along with details such as the number of orders they've placed and their total sales to date. Additionally, you have the option to filter customers based on various parameters, enhancing your ability to target specific segments effectively.

1. Displaying the entire list of customers who have made purchases from your store.

2. Introducing "New": Discovering initial purchases made by customers at your store.

3. Displaying - Presents individuals who have made purchases from your store on multiple occasions.

4. Display all imported customers.

Here, you can also import customers in bulk or add them manually. To add a customer manually, click on Add customer button. Now enter the name and mobile number of the customer and click on Add customer to save.

Customer details

you can also delete Customer.

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