"How to utilize the checkout form on the web?"

"How to utilize the checkout form on the web?"

The Checkout form section within your LaunchMyStore settings is designed to gather vital order details. This functionality simplifies the process for store owners, ensuring accurate information without the necessity for manual input.

To access the checkout form section, navigate to Store Settings by selecting the dropdown menu at the top.

From there, proceed to the Checkout form section.

Integrating extra fields into the checkout form

Select the Field Type now. There are six options available: Text field, Email, Date picker, Time picker, Image Uploader, and Custom Dropdown.

"If you wish to make this field compulsory, simply activate the Required toggle switch. Once activated, your customers will be prompted to provide this information when placing their order, and they won't be able to bypass it."

The text field feature empowers customers to input text-based information such as additional details, landmarks, cooking instructions, and more.

The email feature facilitates customers in sharing their email addresses. This is particularly useful for those selling digital products or tickets online.

With the date picker, customers can easily select a specific date for appointment-based bookings or scheduling services.

The time picker feature enables customers to choose their preferred delivery time, appointment slots, or start times for services or products.

Using the image uploader, customers can effortlessly upload photos of designs or relevant documents while placing their orders.

The custom dropdown feature allows you to provide multiple options for selection during checkout. For instance, it can be utilized to offer delivery time slots or to prompt customers to choose between orders with or without cutlery.

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